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Currently Nilay offers workshop topics she specializes in as below. The workhops can be for any or mixed levels. 
If you have a workshop idea, please inquire her and she’ll produce it for you according to your deadline.


•    - Bellydance Body Conditioning: Target 2 Birds with 1 stone – Condition your core while conditioning your dance
•    - 9/8 Clinic: Learn your Turkish Rhythm right
•    - Know your rhythm: Without knowing the rhythm of your music, you might as well dance acappella.
•    - BellydanceFloorwork: Groundbreaking sensuous flow
•    - Dancing Tambourine 
•    - Dancing Fan


•    Bellydance Body Conditioning: Target 2 Birds with 1 stone – Condition your core while conditioning your dance
Do you get burned out and breathless after just a few minutes of heart pumping dancing? Do you wish to keep your pace all throughout your choreography or a long routine? 
I have been a certified Group Exercise instructor who taught various classes for the last 5 years. My Bellydance fitness classes do burn calories almost as much as a Spinning class proven by heart rate measurements. I teach lifting, spinning and yoga along with bellydance fitness. I pull from all aspects of fitness to make belly dance fitness a heart pumping experience while building on technique.
This pure bellydance movement body conditioning workshop will giveyou a chance to workout with fast paced combinations and short choreographies. The continuous and dynamic nature of these combinations involve basic to intermediate level moves that will be easy to learn and follow for dancers who have basic level of belly dancing knowledge. 
The benefits of this workshop is 4-fold:
At the end of this workshop, you will be able to
1) Experience a good sweat-breaking session.
2) Use the choreographies presented in this workshop to practice on your own.
3) Use the choreographies as they are or with added variation for stage routines.
4) Extract the combinations and use them in your own choreography.

•    9/8 Clinic: Learn your Turkish Rhythm right
9/8 is the hot, but the hard stuff. It’s a strong Turkish rhythm that Turks can not live without because it is fun and mischievingly playful. It doesn’t come naturally to Westerners due to the uncommon accent, but as everything, it can be learned with practice and good teaching. Think you know the difference between the Karshilama and Romani, fast and slow 9/8? Learn its origin, how to detect, count and what to do to it. Know what it is and what it isn’t. Never fear 9/8 live or recorded and never treat it as a 4/4 again.

•    Know your rhythm: Without knowing the rhythm of your music, you might as well dance acappella.
Learn basic and most common belly dance rhythms. Improve on your skills to count out music and detect the rhythm and its accents to make you dance better. Without knowing what you are dancing to, it’s a continuous guessing and counting game that steals from your stage presence.

•    BellydanceFloorwork:Groundbreaking sensuous flow
Floorwork has been an inseparable part of my dance from the beginning. I am drawn to it since Turkish music almost always allows room for delicious floorwork. Flexing and stretching to descend and ascend and perform on the ground could be a challenge of grace. Learn the old and the modern style Turkish floorwork and when and where to use it in its best grace and sensual beauty.

•    Dancing Tambourine 
Using an instrument for dancing takes skills with added excitement. This uncommon dance prop isn’t a lore to most cultures, but can be quite a show-stopping, fun-adding, smile-bringing tool to play with and play on. Learn to incorporate a tambourine into your dance routine and leverage on your creativity to move with it. Chime on!

•    Dancing Fan
Fans are one of the most passionate props of the dance. Sure, fan veils have gained quite a popularity recently, but you won’t have to worry about having the silk die off, knock off items, or lose ground in the presence of cross wind. Use a small or large, single or double fans to amplify the passion and excitement of your choreography. I’ll show you how to bring power to your wrist and flutter with confidence.

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